Event Start

Opening Keynote

Ryan Lockard: Flow

"Flow" with Ryan Lockard

14 of the 17 co-authors of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development were interviewed in 2016-17 for a special podcast. The goal was to capture the intent of the authors and to recount the events of Snowbird, where the co-authors gathered and wrote what has become known as the Agile Manifesto.

What emerged from the interviews was much more. Ryan has unearthed reasons why the event was needed, the original vision of the authors, and key insights often overlooked or missed. Let's hear the real story behind and reflect on the rise pitfalls of Agile in industry…and what we can do to reclaim it.

About Ryan

Ryan has worked in many industries including Intellectual Property, Advertising, Science, Publishing, Manufacturing, ERP, Clinical Decision Support & Learning. Most recently Ryan joined Contino, a global leader in DevOps & Cloud enablement. Ryan has led multiple agile teams and facilitated agile transformations. Ryan serves as a coach and mentor to emerging agile professionals.

Ryan is a current member of the Harrisburg University corporate faculty, the Agile Uprising, and an independent lean development trainer. Based in Philadelphia, Ryan is an avid reader, host of the Agile Uprising podcast (which has reached over 70K listeners in over 100 countries) and loving father of three. He is incrementally becoming a great husband.

Closing Keynote

Esther Derby: Six Rules of Change

"Six Rules of Change" with Esther Derby

Change is often much slower than hoped for and more painful than anticipated. In the end, you may be left with feelings of frustration and dismay rather than the benefits you hoped for. How can we make change more successful? More enlivening?

Esther has distilled principles for successful transformation into Six Rules for Change. These principles address both the complexity of the organization and the complexity of the human experience. They provide touch-points to guide Change Artists as they support and enable change in their organizations.

About Esther

Esther is a reknowned author, consultant, and speaker. Her insights regarding organizational culture help people to create positive, mutually receptive and reinforcing company environments in which teams have the capacity to achieve great things. She helps companies explore how best to maximize their capacity for achievement by eliminating wasted effort, politics, cynicism, and fear.

Esther is a pioneer of experiential training for technical people, co-creator of the Coaching Beyond the Team workshop, and co-leader with Don Gray of the legendary Problem-solving Leadership workshop (designed by Jerry Weinberg). Esther serves as an expert in organizational dynamics and is a leading thinker in bringing agility to companies, management, and teams.


About Us

Volunteers, sponsors, and community leaders have combined their efforts to launch the 1st-ever Regional Scrum Gathering® to be held in Canada. We look forward to seeing you in March, 2018.

Our Goal

Organized locally. Supported globally.

Ontario Scrum Community® and Scrum Alliance® are aligned in our support of the growing community of Scrum & Agile practitioners in Canada.

Tens-of-thousands of Canadians have been working to Transform the World of Work. Regional Scrum Gathering® Canada connects Scrum Alliance® members to the larger community and celebrates the contributions of all Agile & Scrum practitioners.

  • Learn new techniques and skills
  • Enjoy discussion with experts
  • Mingle with colleagues
  • Expand your network
  • Earn SEUs

26 & 27, 2018


Hyatt Regency
Toronto, Canada



Event Location

This is where the action is! Networking opportunities are around every corner and in every elevator. Save time getting to & from sessions and enjoy the convenience of going back to your room to relax.

We have negotiated with Hyatt Regency Toronto to provide you the best value & service during your stay — be sure to tell them you're with Regional Scrum Gathering® Canada.

Book Your Stay
Hyatt Regency Toronto, 370 King St W, Toronto

Hyatt Regency Toronto
370 King St W
Entertainment District


Fun & Food

We are working out the details.

Our plan is to ensure access to great food and excellent content throughout the event. Hotel accommodations and travel will not be included in the registration fee but we have negotiated with Hyatt Regency Toronto Hotel to get you the best possible price — remember to tell them you're with the Scrum gathering!

Update! Monday evening supper, to be held in the venue, will now be included in the registration fee.

Every part of Canada is incredible! But...

A majority of Canadian Scrum Alliance® members live in Toronto.

The organizing committee and volunteer group includes members from across the country and we carefully considered the location of this event.

We can achieve 2 important objectives by hosting the event in Toronto this 1st year:

  • We can develop relationships with Canada's largest corporations who have national presence to secure sponsorships for this and (hopefully) future events.
  • We can explore ideas to strengthen the networks and raise awareness of Scrum in other Canadian communities.

We Want to Complement, Not Compete

With Toronto chosen as the location, we wanted to be careful not to compete with other events in the calendar. We tip our hat to the incredible success of:

  • Toronto Agile Community
  • Agile Coach Camp (East & West)
  • Play4Agile
  • Gatineau Ottawa Agile Tour
  • AgileTO
  • Agile Drinks

All of those great events occur between June & November and are organized by our hard-working friends & colleauges. Regional Scrum Gathering® Canada is scheduled to not conflict with those events. We intend to augment the calendar with additional learning opportunities for our growing community.

We love volunteers! We are volunteers too!

Volunteers are the heart of the event. It literally cannot happen without the help of an energetic community.

Volunteers are helping to organize the event and will be on-site during the event to ensure things run smoothly. We already have long list of people eager to help.  We have been blown away by the support from people like you.

We have closed the submission form. Instead, here are a few things you can do immediately to help the event:

  1. Download the Sponsorship Prospectus
  2. Time is running out, but depending on the type of sponsorship you are considering, we may be able to accommodate.
  3. So write to . We will respond by email & phone.

At Your Service

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  • About sponsorship:

Also, we recommend you to our mail list to be fully informed of all latest information.